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School Checklist

These are the mandatory requirements.

This list is based on SA Government /DECD Website Standards and should be read in conjunction with the DECD Standards – School Websites.

Visit our checklist page for a printable versions of the checklists.

Content requirements:

  • School contact details
  • School name
  • Session times
  • Parent information
  • Site Context Statement
  • Annual Report
  • Site Improvement Plan
  • Downloadable files or document links should state file size and document type.
  • Feedback review option/website feedback and enquiries
  • Parent feedback and complaints button featuring on home page and linking to Parent feedback and complaints information page/or section
  • School Parental Complaints brochure
  • School Anti-Bullying policy document

Contact information:

  • Name of Director
  • Addresses (street, postal, email)
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • E-mail address for general inquiries
  • Includes Google Map locating site

Page footer content:

Must feature on: (*) homepage footer, (#) content page footers

  • Link to Privacy information * #
  • Link to Copyright Statement * #
  • Link to Disclaimer Statement * #
  • E-mail link for content inquiries * #
  • CRICOS No. 00018a(DECD IES accredited schools offering courses to International Students on a student visa) *
  • The statement ‘Department for Education and Child Development trading as South Australian Government Schools’ is displayed. The Department name links to the DECD Portal *
  • NEALS logo with link *
  • Link to SACSA (primary and up) *
  • Link to SACE Board of South Australia for schools with a high school component *
  • My School link *
  • Attribution section

Accessibility and usability:

  • Writing style uses Plain English and is easy to scan
  • Content is free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Headings and links are descriptive
  • Acronyms and abbreviations are defined the first time they are used on apage
  • All links work
  • All images display correctly
  • All images have alt descriptions
  • Meets AGLS MetadataStandards mandatory requirement
  • Correct use of visual contrast to ensure users can read text easily
  • Web address must be (school name)
  • Google analytics on all pages

DECD/Gov. branding requirements:

  • DECD logo correct size/colour
  • DECD logo is visible without scrolling on the home page and major entry pages.
  • DECD logo has appropriate background.
  • DECD Portal Roundel links to Minister’s Office, Department name links to DECD Portal
  • logo appears on the home page and links to SA Government website

Legal requirements:

  • There are no links to web developers (this will be viewed as endorsement)
  • A consent form for either students (Adobe PDF, 36KB) or teachers (Adobe PDF, 34KB) is retained on file for any photographs or an individual’s work displayed on the web
  • Photos of students on the website are labeled using general terms and do not include student names
  • All copyrighted material (eg. NEALS, Creative Commons) is identified and licensed
  • The website is politically impartial
  • All Public Sector endorsements have Ministerial approval
  • The website does not imply endorsement/unintentionally endorse private sector entities

Advanced web standards:

Note: a web developer or someone with technical knowledge may need to address the following criteria.

Desirable features:

  • Search function is included if pages are not accessible in ‘one click’ from the home page
  • Compatible favicon.ico ensures users can find site in favourites and bookmarks
  • Improve search visibility by using sitemap.xml